Who appointed Reverend Gabriel Charles Palmer-Buckle, the Accra Metropolitan Archbishop of the Catholic Church, a power broker in Ghana? Who is he to suggest that whoever emerges the winner of the Supreme Court petition case should adopt a unity system of governance for the next three years in order to bring down the political tension in the country?


Rev. Palmer-Buckle, was, is and will forever be a known NPP sympathiser. The writings are too clear on the wall. Palmer-Buckle has demonstrated it time without number his true NPP colours and his distaste towards the NDC has never been in doubt.


And we have this man of God clothed in NPP colours calling for a national unity government and asking President John Mahama to appoint NPP members into his government if he wins the SC case on August 29. I am so pissed off!


What does Palmer-Buckle knows that we don?t know? Has he seen defeat starring Nana Akufo-Addo in the face of Nana Akufo-Addo? Is that the reason why he is suddenly calling for a unity government? I am so pissed off!


Is Palmer-Buckle aware that President Mahama is done with appointing ministers? Does he want the president to dismiss some ministers to bring on board some NPP members just for the sake of unity? Is he asking President Mahama to pamper Akufo-Addo to bring him on board after the mischief he has caused the whole country? Does Palmer-Buckle think such a move will cut it? I am simply pissed off!


The NDC and President Mahama do not need such an advice from Palmer-Buckle. Walahi! Tofiakwa! He should soldier on with his advice. Why has Palmer-Buckle, a minister who is well-known as one of the staunchest supporters of the NPP, suddenly emerge from the woods and call for unity government?? Suddenly, everybody seems to be against the winner-takes-all government.


Where was everybody when ex-President JA Kufuor ruled Ghana for 8 unabated years? The NDC should not fall for such a trick. President Mahama must ignore such calls. President Mahama goes with such a diabolical advice at his own peril! You don?t dabble with your enemies.


Imagine what will become of President Mahama if he should bring on board members of the NPP into his government. Such diabolical people who see nothing good about anybody! Imagine how the NPP folks will sabotage his government.


The NPP members are a bunch of people who do not see anything good from others. If it does not come from them it is not good enough. If they do not shoot it, the shooter is a total failure. If they did not accomplish it, forget it. If you are not with them you are not good enough.


It is okay to keep your friends close and your enemies closer, but when it comes to the NPP you can?t even take their smiles for granted. Palmer-Buckle should find something else to do. Perhaps, he should help in the re-organization of his NPP party after the determination of the SC petition case.


The NDC does not need a person like Palmer-Buckle who is politically tainted to advise her! Rev. Palmer-Buckle please thanks, but no thanks!


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