Pakute is the latest track from fast-rising singer-rapper, King Oogbodo, who is extremely unique in his own way of singing, rapping and songwriting. Produced by Shocker, Pakute is the prelude to upcoming singles from Oogbodo that include Shake Ur Waist, Lolade I Luv U, Oyinbo and many more. The major talking about Pakute is that everyone has been asking what Pakute means, but King Oogbodo is adamant that Pakute, a Yoruba word, means the only thing it means: an animal trap.

Artist bio

King Oogbodo has enjoyed music success previously with the hit tracks Baby Pamela, Ikeja Luv, Do It Now and Swagga 4 Jesus. His videos have been shown on terrestrial and cable TV. He has worked with top producers Cheepho, Mista Daz and the highly rated sound engineer Foster Zeeno. He released his debut album, Carry Your Own Cross, on January 7, 2011 and is presently putting finishing touches to his soon-to-be-released sophomore album, Colossus. He is signed to Blood Entertainment.

King Oogbodo.


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