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PaintNite, a fun new way to have fun this Christmas season, has been creating fun and excitement at various venues in the past few days inlcuing Shakes N Flavours and a return to The Republic Bar. Combining cocktails, drinks and art, PaintNite aims to create classy entertainment that allows friends and families to have fun with one another, while bringing out their artist egos. And that was exactly what happened at the first event. With master-class tutoring from a professional painter, patrons learned basic skills in painting before trying their hands on some painting of their own in the freestyle painting session.

The train continues as follows:

Box Play Pub and Grill: Tuesday, Dec 23rd @ 7pm

Tavern2131: Wednesday, Dec 24th @ 7pm

Call or whatsapp 0549456780 | 0263583623 for more info


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