PAC Chairman Zitto Kabwe

PAC Chairman Zitto Kabwe

PAC chairman Zitto Kabwe said yesterday that the RUBADA management has forged an auditor?s certificate for the purpose of hiding their misuse of funds.

?The committee has found Rubada with two audited report for the same year ended June 2013 which is illegal,? he asserted.

One certificate which is proper is qualified (not good) and the second one which is forged has unqualified (good) mention by auditors.

The committee has also requested the Controller and Auditor General (CAG) to fire the chief auditor of Rubada for certificate forgery.

The committee stated that the investigation in Rubada should be conducted by an independent auditor in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security and Cooperatives, he said.

PAC had ordered the Rubada board to suspend the management immediately because they face serious accusations, he said, noting that Rubada needs serious investigations as it has many cases including favoritism in employment, he affirmed.

The committee refused to receive any report from Rubada until they clear all doubts, the parliamentary committee chair emphatically intoned.

By Aisia Rweyemamu, The Guardian


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