The 2012 Presidential candidate for the Progressive People?s Party (PPP), Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom has advised Ghanaians to be more cautions of the ongoing blame game between the ruling NDC and the main opposition, NPP to aid them in making an informed decision during the December elections.


The ruling NDC at a press conference on Wednesday described the NPP?s campaign message of transforming the nation’s economy as mere talk and not backed by a credible track record.?

However, in an earlier press briefing organized by the NPP on Tuesday, the party cautioned Ghanaians to refrain from voting for a John Dramani Mahama-led government because per its analysis of the political atmosphere, Ghanaians will be voting for a ?corrupt and indecisive government?.?

He said: ?I hope Ghanaians are listening to the insults, the allegations of corruption, corruption, corruption. All these allegations make me feel very sad that those who have tasted power are only desperate to get back to power and they are not telling us what they would do for us when they get power except to play a blame game.?

According to the PPP founder, what Ghana needs is real change which can be done by changing ?our form of governance from this dictatorial all power to the President, to giving power to the people, the change will not happen. We need a transformation and I am not hearing those transformational words from the NDC and the NPP. All they are talking about are the same old things of statistics.?

Dr. Nduom advised all the Presidential candidates who are seeking to be elected into the highest office of the land to be humble enough not to shout, not to rain insults at other people but, ?”to say where we are, what are we going to bring, what solutions are we going to bring that are much better than what has been put there since 1992 to improve the living conditions of the ordinary Ghanaian.?


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