Mr Collins Amponsah-Mensah, member of the Old Boys? Association of Opoku Ware School (OWASS), has admonished old students to embark on development projects that will help develop their respective alma mater, and not to interfere in their day-to-day administration.
He said unnecessary interference in school administration sets alumni associations on coalition courses with school authorities.
Mr Amponsah-Mensah, leader of the 1990 year group of the (OWASS) Old Boys Association (Akatakyie), gave the advice during the year group?s home-coming conference, which took place at the school.
He said though it was proper for old students to demonstrate concern for the schools where they received training to become who they were today, such concerns and other inputs should be made to pass through the appropriate channels to foster good rapport between the administration and the alumni.
?Let us all do well to give school heads the free hand to run the administration of the schools, whilst making life in the school more comfortable for current students to aspire to study and become good future professionals to develop the nation,? he added.
Mr Amponsah-Mensah was not happy about the current impasse between the national leadership of the OWASS Old Students Association and the school?s administration, and called for its peaceful resolution through dialogue to promote the development of the school.

The old students used the home-coming occasion to fraternize with the students, staff and management of the school.


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