First of all, don’t let your fear of sales presentations or public speaking dominate your thoughts.

If you allow your mind to loop back again and again to a fearful situation, you give your fear more power than it deserves. One way to counteract this uncontrolled persistence of a behavior is to accept and confront it. By acknowledging the process of repetitive thoughts, you de-mystify it and reduce its power over you.

Once you’re back in charge, you can work on being authentic with your audience and your clients. Good sales presentation training will help you to reveal your true self. As you appear more natural and vulnerable, your audience will be more receptive and forgiving. Rather than working toward impressing others in a false way, invite spontaneity into your presentation and incorporate the ease and wit you share with your closest of friends.

This is the way to discover and reveal your own individual style and become more genuine and interesting to the audience.

We define individual presentation style as the attitudes, words, thoughts and gestures that flow from your personality. When you can share your personality with your audience, your natural expressions enliven your sales presentation and your ability to influence others – especially when the stakes are high.

To develop your individual sales presentation style, you must first be aware of how you come across on stage and to your current and potential clients. Awareness can be achieved by soliciting feedback from clients, coaches and peers. Self-evaluation just after presenting or by watching your videotaped presentation is another tool.

A third way to uncover your personality and conquer your fear is to practice targeted exercises. Perhaps you want to practice a gesture to emphasize a point in your story or a dramatic pause to allow the audience to absorb a new thought.

A good way to “test” your style is to visualize yourself presenting. Imagine exactly what your presentation will look like. See the faces in the audience and read their reactions. Are they moved by what you have said and done? Experience the warm feeling of success and use any residual fear to prompt another visualization exercise.

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