It has been revealed that majority of Ghanaians now prefer the use of alternative herbal medicine for the treatment of their health problems than pharmaceutical drugs as compared to the reverse trend some years ago.

Herbal medicine
Herbal medicine

The change in trend has been attributed to improvement in the preparation of herbal medicines in the country in recent times and the disassociating of herbal practice from fetishism which made the practice to be perceived as evil.
This was revealed by the Chief Executive Officer [CEO] of Majane Herbal Centre and founder of the True Messiah Healing Church at AgonaAsafo in the Central Region, Prophetess Janet Afful in aninterview with The Moment during a visit to the Centre.
According to her, the level of acceptability of herbal medicine is rather as a result of the improvement of its preparation, prescription of dosage, its scientific way of packaging and above all,the potency and efficacy that herbal medicines contain.
Prophetess Jane Afful whose center producesMajane Herbal Ointment for the treatment of general body pains, piles, candidiasis and skin rashes hinted that the center has produced another products, Majane Hair Pomade for the treatment of bald hair, dandruff and for hair growth in women.
She further disclosed that the hair pomade, though proven effective, is yet to undergo test at the Mampong Centre for Research into Plant Medicine and the Food and Drugs Authority for certification before it could be produced in large quantities on the market.
She however said it is hard time that herbal medicine is accepted in the various health facilities in the country to augment the provision of quality, accessible and affordable health care in the country.


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