Guinea’s National Independent Electoral Commission (CENI) announced on Thursday it had registered 5,206,118 people in the electoral register, just three months before the country holds its presidential elections.

President of Guinea, Alpha Cond?. Photo?Reuters
President of Guinea, Alpha Cond?. Photo?Reuters
Speaking in Conakry, CENI’s director for planing Madam Djenabou Toure said the register will be cleaned up, corrected and all anomalies removed before the presidential elections set for Oct. 11, 2015.

She said the commission had identified about 218,000 cases of double registrations in the electoral register.
After a recent special revision of the electoral register, about 800,000 new voters were registered, Toure revealed.

Speaking on the issue of transparency of the electoral process, CENI’s transparency department director Maxime Koivogui said “Guinea had completely done away with cases of electoral fraud.” Enditem


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