Wpid Poverty In Childhood Can Shape Neurobiology Study
Africa In Breaking The Vicious Cycle Of Poverty

The results of the survey which were released on Monday in Ouagadougou, showed that over 92 percent of the poor people live in the rural areas.


The results showed that “households where the bread winner was educated were less likely to experience poverty.”

The survey conducted between January and December 2014, targeting a sample of 10,800 households across the entire national territory, pointed out that poverty levels were 30.4 percent likely to occur in households led by women against 41 percent in those led by a man.

Similarly, polygamous or large households were more likely to be poor.

At the same time, the document continued, households where the head is younger than 45 years generally had lower poverty levels when compared to households where the head was older than 54 years.

Compared to the survey on poverty index that was carried out in 2009 showing poverty levels of 46.6 percent, poverty levels in Burkina Faso dropped by 6.6 percent in 2014. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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