Women Entrepreneurship Day
Women Entrepreneurship Day

A famous day to celebrate women entrepreneurs is coming to Africa. It was so successful in New York, the organisers decided to spread it across the globe. This is the second year running after the event was proclaimed an ?official day? by both New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Women Entrepreneurship Day
Women Entrepreneurship Day

In South Africa, WED will be hosted for the first time by the ABN Group (parent company of CNBC Africa and Forbes Africa) in partnership with MTN Group at the Saxon Hotel. This event is the world?s largest celebration of women innovators and job creators launching start-ups; bringing ideas to life, driving economic growth, and expanding human welfare. WED is a once in a lifetime opportunity to listen to the ideas of world-class speakers, and be a part of larger discussion to empower women in business worldwide. Women leaders and various female company Founders, Philanthropists, Entrepreneurs, Creatives, and Business Leaders will be speaking and championing our event this year.

?It is inspiring to see women coming together in such a manner as we look forward to the November 19th celebration at the United Nations, in South Africa other countries respectively being live streamed at THUDFest during Global Entrepreneurship week in Johannesburg,? stated Wendy Diamond, Founder of Women?s Entrepreneurship Day (WED).

? t frica Business News, we believe entrepreneurship is the driver of economic growth and women in leadership have allowed the company to grow from strength to strength. With over 50% of our staff, 60% of our senior executives and 40% of our Board today a re women. At the end of the day, more women in business is an imperative for business competitiveness? says Roberta Naicker, Managing Director of the ABN group WED Ambassador for South Africa is Nola Mashaba, who is also the Group Head of Corporate Communications at frica Business News.

?I am passionate and driven to advocate for the agenda of powerful women entrepreneurs and I commit myself to be on the front line in the movement of activists who can break through and connect with other women by empoweri ng them with the necessary tools of success (i.e. Media)? says Mashaba.

We have rallied an impressive and powerful list of speakers and attendees, influential organizations, leaders, and entrepreneurs supporting women that will gather and join at the SAXON on this day of WED as ?ONE D Y TO CELEBR TE, SUPPORT ND EMPOWER WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS WORLDWIDE.? Major companies and various female business founders, CEO?s, Creatives, and business leaders will be in attendance.

In 2016, Student Ambassador Initiatives will be in full swing at selected universities and colleges to encourage women entrepreneurship from the onset.

Everyone is encouraged to support women-owned businesses and causes that will inspire the general public to make an effort. The WED social media platform will engage women and men globally to pledge their support for a women owned business/cause with; Talent, Time, or Treasure. When we empower a community, we are also advancing the next generation of


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