In 2003, Zennstrom, who is Swedish, and his partner Janus Friis, a Dane, launched their Internet telephony company Skype in Luxembourg, with sales offices in London. But they outsourced product development to Estonia. Same the way many US based companies are sending their most complex activities to India like oversea countries. According to engineering journal EETimes, “This is the kind of progressive mindset that shapes the development of disruptive technologies. This is mind set of innovations”The same phenomena observed in many developed nations. They are now going to outsourcing the most complex things against the traditional methods. In traditional model, for years, functions such as product design, engineering and R&D stayed in developing nations under the expensive talents. Manufacturing, call centers, tech support and brute-strength programming traveled to developing countries where they could be done cheaply and well enough. But now things have changed and companies at developed nations are going to developing nations to get high-end solutions. This can be termed as knowledge outsourcing. Knowledge outsourcing is possible only when that developing nations have talents and these talents are coming from their colleges and universities which start giving education at standard levels, akin to developed nations. These changes have been seen in the education system of the India where good education institutes functions and producing enough talents to meet the requirements of domestic productions as well as outsourcing industry demands in Toto.India has such capable education system which produces skilled manpower to meet the requirements of developed nations like US, Canada, etc. India has enough outsourcing companies which select the best breed of talents from this sea of manpower by their exclusive selection system. They hire the best breed of developers to offer their services to their offshore partners and yield the best and robust results for their projects. Now Indian outsourcing companies are the part of knowledge outsourcing trends and perform very well in their respective domains. They spent their financial resources to hire the best talented people in their companies and give the most competent salaries in the industry.You might have questions in your mind that how they can afford such talents in their countries. There are two factors work in favor of outsourcing and those are: life standard differences between developed nations and developing nations and another is currency difference which plays an important role in further lowering the development rates and hence the overall development cost. In short, Indian outsourcing industry is ready to knowledge outsourcing and have well developed infrastructure to supply the required talents by developed nations.

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