Ghana-police1The Ghana Police Service must be commended for their recent display of swiftness and control over the arrest of criminals stealing and threatening the lives of peace-loving Ghanaians.
The arrest of 15 suspected criminals in a swoop over the weekend including three that were alleged involved in the Kumasi shooting incident which claimed the life of one Mafius readily comes to mind.
It was a dastardly act which took place in Ashtown, Kumasi in a broad-day light last week that raised fears among residents of the area and its environs. who thought the security situation had become risky and their lives could no longer be protected.
But the police reassured them of their readiness to protect every Ghanaian at all material time from the hands of hooligans and criminals.
The arrest of these three criminals in Accra that are suspected to be part of the Kumasi-shooting incident has boosted the confidence of the people in the police.
Just before this feather in the cap of the police was raised, there was another shooting drama that claimed the life of one person in Kumasi on Sunday in a robbery incident. The development has heightened the already tensed security situation in the municipality.
Only yesterday, two suspected armed robbers were lynched, and one would not be wrong by saying that the people of Kumasi transferred their anger from the previous sad incidents and vented it on the alleged robbers, even though instant justice was not the way to go.
Inasmuch as The Republic has commended the efforts of the police in arresting the situation with particular reference to the suspects involved in the shooting incident last week, the police have a lot to do to ensure that the security of every Ghanaian is guaranteed and safeguarded.
The recent meeting held by all of security heads and advisors to map out strategies and plans to deal with the security situation of the country is a step in the right direction.
It is the hope of The Republic that the cries about insecurity across certain parts of the country would soon be a thing of the past where every Ghanaian can move freely about doing his business without fear of being attack by criminals.

Source: The Republic


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