An Economist and Senior Lecturer at the University of Cape Coast (UCC), Dr. John Gatsi has directed educational authorities to channel curricula towards training productive students.

?Dr. John Gatsi, Economist
Dr. John Gatsi, Economist

The Economist believes it is time the nation put premium on Science, Mathematics and ICT education as well as local languages since these subjects form the bedrock of every developed country.

Dr. Gatsi in a speech to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Little Saints School in Accra advised educationists to invest in modern methods of teaching to prepare students to be creative in solving problems faced by in modern society.

?We must encourage our teachers who teach Mathematics, Science, ICT and local Languages through relevant training programmes to guide children to apply these subjects in appreciating issues in society that their knowledge is capable of dealing with,? he noted.
He emphasized the need to train students in a manner directed at addressing issues of poverty, ignorance, misuse of opportunities and use of drugs that disable the prospects of young people.
Dr. Gatsi condemned the use of academic grades as the sole benchmark for assessing students and suggested thought provoking practical means that will challenge students to come up with real solutions to some of the basic problems around them.

?Education which is seen only in terms of good grades without the spirit of volunteerism, communal development orientation, and individual and team entrepreneurial initiatives cannot be described as having the ability to transform society?, he added.

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