The presiding member for the newly created La-Nkwantanag Madina Municipal Assembly, Alhaji Mohammed Baba Ibrahim has poured his hearts out during a interview session with Spyghana, when he said he was very optimistic that the good deeds of the ruling NDC party will definitely bring them victory.

Alhaji Mohammed Baba
Alhaji Mohammed Baba

The oldest assembly member of the then Abokobi Madina municipal assembly and now the elected presiding member of La Nkwantanang Madina municipal assembly said the government is developing the country, but there is the need to boost up their activities and step up initiatives in a must venture for us as a nation.

?Decentralization is good for our country especially at this time when we are rejecting the tag as a poor nation but want to be classified as one of the fastest growing country in the world.?

Alhaji Mohammed Baba Ibrahim bemoaned the fact that some assembly members are too tight lipped making things very difficult for them during election year.

He tasked his colleagues to release information to the people as to what transpires daily.

?When the need for a Presiding Member to steer the affairs of the Municipality along with the Municipal Co-ordinating Director and other Assembly members and staff was announced, many assembly members look no further but to host a top heated general election to select the most qualified person for the job.?

Alhaji Mohammed Baba Ibrahim said Madina and surrounding areas needed a lot of development to improve the living standards of the people and that he is always ready to contribute his quota to the development of the municipality.

He advised members of the Assembly to unite and leave in peace since unity promotes development and appealed to the people to co-operate with the Assembly.

Alhaji Baba uses the platform to thank his colleague Assembly members for the confidence reposed in him and added that ?this will be demonstrated in the day to day business of the Assembly business.

Alhaji Mohammed Baba Ibrahim said communication plays a major role in campaigning and tasked all politicians to practice how to communicate with their constituents for a smooth cool chop come December.

In his peace message, he tasked all Muslims to distance themselves from electoral malpractices saying ?We need peace to build a peaceful country, let us all be seen as each other?s keeper and foster unity to prove to other African countries that we can do it and do it better.”


Source: Gogo Gorden


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