Our country is in total darkness. People are groping in darkness trying to clutch at anything their hands could grab just to keep hope alive. Despondency has taken control of every facet of our daily life. Our ship of state has become rudderless as auto pilot takes control. Whom do we turn to for safety?
wpid-Prez-John-Dramani-Mahama-300x179.jpgThe above metaphorical situation manifested itself last Wednesday, 3rd June, 2015 during a heavy down pour. Millions of hardworking Ghanaian money has been spend equipping numerous relief and disaster management agencies to be up and doing. But, alas, when disaster struck, they were caught pants down. These relief and management agencies behaved like the son of Adam who had boasted of his prowess with the daughter of Eve. But when the opportunity came his way, he started panting like a fish pulled out of water.
The Nefarious Destructive Cancer has shown by all indications that even though it carouses itself in bottles of alcohol, it can neither keep nor hold a single bottle straight. It is clumsy and weird and cannot be trusted with our collective destiny. What do you do with such bunch of callous and unredeemable greedy bastards and babies with sharp teeth? Throw them away with the water in which they have bathed! Yes, these people are so wicked and corrosive that any little contact with them or their instrument will contaminate your soul and send you straightaway to hell.
We cannot wait like mummified dummies and allow these wicked and agents of destabilization to toy with our collective destiny. They have only one agenda ? to keep the masses in ignorance and abject poverty. On daily basis, the party, true to its name, keeps peddling false statistics to hoodwink the international community and vulnerable Ghanaians into believing that all is well in the country. But a visit to an average Ghanaian home will depict a picture of mal-nourishment, hopelessness and helplessness. The masses have no hope of where and when their next meal will come from. They live only for the day. It depicts a picture of the minority who are strikingly rich preying upon the impoverished and kwashiorkor stricken majority. A case of man?s insensitivity to his fellow human being, one might say.
We, the silent majority have appealed to their conscience to loosen our burden for us. But, do they have conscience at all? I doubt it! If they do, then it is dead. Like the Biblical Rehobeam, they have told us to the face that they will not lesson our burden for us. If late President Mills scourged us with whips, our new kid on the block will sting you with scorpions. ?We will not listen to you?. (Yentie obiara).They chorused
There is impunity, arrogance, incompetence and lack of accountability at the top level of the presidency. They have lost grip of their conscience and have become depraved. They think only of what they can get from the system. Conscienceless, they have been reduced to the level of beasts. It is as if we were living in the lowest animal kingdom where the strong prey on the weak. They promised us the Brave New World, but what they have given us is the State of Nature where life was short, nasty and brutish.
Who will soften our burden for us? Who will listen to our cries? Who will save us from these greedy bastards who have no idea of the sacrifices our founding fathers made to make the nation what they came to meet? The babies with sharp teeth have laid siege at our collective destiny. Who will cage them? None, it seems!
The current darkness is only for a while. The time has come for us to sink our differences and come together as one people with a common destiny. Isn?t it time we told them ?enough is enough. Payback time is here with us. Evil cannot perpetrate itself in power for long,
The repercussions of their reckless, bizarre, anti-people, unpatriotic, un-Ghanaian, contemptuous, anti-people and dissipation of public funds is highly objectionable and condemnable. These wicked and ungodly people have fed us with lies and even attempted to rewrite the history of the country, forgetting the fact that some of us have lived through such periods. Grace Bediako was sacked from her job as Chief Statistician when she resisted government?s attempts to allow falsehood to have a field day both in the country and outside.
How on earth could this insensitive and failure of a government claim the accolade that Ghana was the fastest growing economy in the world in both 2010 and 2011. In 2012, these apostles of apostasy even went to the ridiculous extent of claiming that the country had the best performing economy in the world. Could they in all sincerity look Ghanaians in the eye and tell us when we attained the status of Middle Income Economy?
Meanwhile the country was experience a severe energy crisis at the home front in those years. What single people?s friendly policy has this clueless Mahama administration put in place since it came to power nearly seven years ago? If there is any, let them mention a single one and I will eat humble pie. Renovating some classrooms at thrice the cost of the real cost should not be counted as achievement. If we were to go on that tangent, it is pertinent at that point to state that many individual philanthropists have blazed the trail long before the Nefarious Destructive Cancer was born.
And true to type, these rabid dogs, vicious snakes, vultures, hydras, pigs and destroyers of destinies have in less than a decade destroyed every single people?s friendly policy well articulated and implemented by the Kufuor led administration. What happened to free ante and post maternal care for pregnant women at our various hospitals and clinics? What about the National Health Insurance Scheme? Talk of free bus ride for school pupils, capitation grant and a host of others which space will not allow me to mention and one could only conclude that these wicked and unpatriotic elements should not be allowed to live amongst decent minded human beings. They should be taken to the deepest abyss, for hell will not even accept them. Their wickedness knows no bounds. The rivers and rivulets in the country have not escaped Mahama and the NDC?s atrocities. The birds, especially guinea fowls are the worst hit. This administration policies were so harsh and cruel that the guinea fowls felt comfortable taking shelter in Burkina Faso than in Ghana. You see how rudderless and wicked the Ghanaian President could be!
Yet his acolytes prefer to suggest that he is the best thing that ever happened in the entity called Ghana. They should rather go and commit hari-kari. This wicked government has cancelled allowances for teachers and nurses pursuing professional training in their respective institutions. It has stopped payment of research allowance to lecturers in our universities. It has sacked poorly remunerated pupil teachers in rural areas. What hasn?t this wicked administration being led by a wicked president not done to ensure that the burden of Ghanaians is increased in order to retain the accolade of being the most wicked and clueless President that ever lived on earth. Cost of utilities have gone up more than one thousand times, with some even going beyond five thousand times. If President Mahama had his way, he would even put a tax on the air we breathe. Unfortunately, no member of his wicked contraption called Nefarious Destructive Cancer will come out openly to condemn such obnoxious policies. Martin Amidu is an exception and I doff my heart to him and a few such gallant men and women who have refused to sell their conscience to the highest bidder and pay master.
These oppressors have obsessively acquired and stockpiled treasures and money in complete disregard of Christ?s injunction in Matthew 6:19 not to lay up for ourselves treasures on earth. The funny thing is that they must disregard this injunction because they know there will be nothing for them and their children in Heaven. Of course, they do not believe that there will be life after death.
The Yorubas have a proverb which goes like this. ?If a foolish man com die at the backyard of a wise an, people go ask him why in spite of all his wisdom, the foolish man com die at his back yard?. The President cannot escape the wrath of the people and Baba God. Never! Evil can triumph for sometime, but it has got to be defeated in the end to establish a sense of justice.
Dear reader, John Dramani Mahama, having taken us into the ocean of forgetfulness, do you think this sadistic, ungrateful, divisive, demonic and clueless Mahama of a President and his Nefarious Destructive Cancer can take us from the hopeless situation we now find ourselves? When are we going to be ushered into the Brave New World which my paternal grandfather spoke so lovingly about?
What sin have Ghanaians committed to be saddled with this unfocused leadership? It appears as if we were doomed the moment the Nefarious Destructive Cancer stole the mandate of the people. The President had right from the beginning been attempting to foist himself on Ghanaians. This clandestine move was given a boost when some of the late President most trusted men made a u-turn and plotted against their mentor late President Mills.
A post mortem examination was conducted on the corpses of those who lost their lives in the recent flood and fire disaster. Why has it taken almost three years for a post mortem to be conducted on the body of the late President? His family has asked for the post mortem report, but President Mahama and his Nefarious Destructive Cancer have remained adamant. The youth of Otuam asked for it and policemen were sent to beat up the demonstrators. Now Ghanaians are asking. ?What killed late President Professor John Evans Atta Mills??
President John Dramani Mahama, what are you going to tell Baba God if you are asked to give account of your stewardship? What account are you going to give Baba God on how your predecessor died?

source: Daniel Danquah Damptey ([email protected]) 0243715297


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