The Ashanti Regional Health Director, Dr. Alexis Nang-Beifubah, noted that, the changes seen in the youths in our societies today and the behavioural patterns, have been aggravated by the exposure of  current developmental challenges and thus, putting our adolescents at high risk of poor health outcomes.
According to him, the Adolescent needs a continuous support, by  engaging them in a healthy communications in a sound environment from parents, teachers, relatives and the society as a whole, so they can grow well and also contribute their cotter to the society.
This stage is where he said, young people take on new roles and responsibility in life, and becomes over excited in youthful exuberance and surrounded with many things that can persuade them into experimenting their independence.
He said this at the Media Orientation on Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health For The Media Personnel in Ashanti Region at the regional health directorate on 22nd May, 2017.
“In 2016, a total of 18,441 Adolescents got pregnant, representing 11.4% of all pregnancies in the Ashanti region .
This figure is a reduction from the 2015 figure of 19,416 and that of 2014, which was 20,395.” Dr. Alexis disclosed.
Briefly, Dr. Alexis gave a statistics on teenage pregnancy, teenage deliveries, teenage abortions and maternal deaths from 2014 – 2016 in the Ashanti region.
Pregnancies- 20,395
Delivery- 12,692
Abortions – 2,131
Maternal Deaths – 12
Pregnancies- 19,453
Delivery. – 12,760
Abortions –  2,213
Maternal Deaths. –  12
Pregnancies  –  18,461
Delivery  –  12,665
Abortions  –  2,086
.Maternal Deaths –  9
In percentage wise;
Teenage Pregnancy 12.2%
Deliveries  11%
Abortions   18%
Teenage Pregnancy  11.4%
Deliveries                     11%
Abortions.                     18.26%.
By: Sammy Adjei/