otintoThe claimant to the Sempe Stool Nii Adote Otinto and a man believed to be the head of land guards in Accra and its environs, and ten others are currently under police detention per a court order after they succeeded in selling lands at Landgma (Dampase) at Nyeanyeanu near Kasoa.

Nii Adotey Otinto and his cohorts have also burnt down the Chief?s house, the salt factory at the place and caused damage to lots of buildings and properties in the area.

Nii Adotey Otinto?s arrest came when he and his gang defy a demolition order from the High Court served on them to enable the land owners demolish all structures they (Otinto and his gang) put up on the ?stolen? land.

According to reliable information gathered from the Courts, the land owners got a Supreme Court judgment in 2011 against Nii Otinto and his people as regards the ownership to the said land at Landgma (Dampase).

The land owners went ahead and acquired a writ of possession to the land which they served on Otinto and his gang of people described as and alleged to be ?hooligans.?

Even though they were served with the writ of possession to the land in dispute, Otinto-led gang continued to sell off the land without recourse to the Court decision.

He has also put up a building on the land, took a demolition order did a which compelled the land owners to acquire a demolition order from the Court.

Whilst the demolition was ongoing, he (Otinto) and his land guards confronted the Court officials and others who were carrying out the demolition order.

According to the source, soon after the exercise, he again led his land guards to the chief?s house, burnt the house, the salt factory in the area and caused damage to buildings and other properties in the area.

They were reported to the police and were arrested by the Kasoa police.

The case was sent to the Swedru Circuit Court for hearing.

However, the case whish had seen several adjournment was today, heard with the Swedru Circuit Court cancelled their appeal and gave a fresh bail order ordering each accused persons to be bail with three sureties and GH?40,000.

As at the time of this publication, Otinto and his land guards did not get any sureties to bail them out, and are still in police custody.



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