Mensa Otabil

Motivational Speaker Dr. Mensa Otabil says prayers cannot save Ghana?s economy nor improve it from its current circumstances.

?It?s time to stop having All Night prayer meetings for the change of economy,? the General Overseer of the International Central Gospel Church told his Congregation on Sunday March 16, 2014, when he preached about: ?The Power of Vision.?

He says rather than praying for the economy to improve, the Country must have a focused vision with a clear cut plan toward shoring up the economy.

?It?s time to plan, to work hard and to be focused,? Dr. Otabil admonished.

According to him, ?every Nation that has moved from third world to developed world had a clear plan?.

?They didn?t hope that things will happen. They didn?t have All Night prayer meetings for the change of economy. They planned for change of economy,? Dr. Otabil added.

Source: radioxyzonline


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