About some weeks ago, Oswald was an ambassador to Kenya to represent Ghana at the 10th Storymoja Festival at the Nairobi National museum.

His invitation was the 3rd to a Ghanaian poet and first to a Spoken word artiste. Almost 3 weeks on, unlike in 2013 (which brought sad news about Prof. Kofi Awoonor’s sudden demise during the Westgate Terror attack), it is all good news; Oswald Okaitei, the young multi-international award winning poet & spoken word artiste, raised high the flag of Ghana!

Sponsored by Adwinsa Publications (one of the leading Ghana publishers) to the festival, Oswald held a Master class on Poetry & Movement with one of Kenya’s leading dance artiste, Joanne Ball-burges, had a Dramatic reading (TALATA by Adwinsa Publications) with student-participants, performed at the Awoonor Memorial event and had workshops on Poetry & Spoken word.

From the pictures and videos that flooded the social media during the festival, it is obvious the young Ghanaian poet was at its usual best, this time as an Ambassador of Ghana—making almost all artistes and the audience at his sessions enjoy the beauty of Ghana’s culture through the art of poetry/spoken word and Ananse tales, especially through the old almost forgotten Ghanaian folkloric & rhythmic poetry, “Da bi me koo ewuriem; Keinyika!”, that tells the tale of a hunter’s encounter with a little ghost in the forest. No wonder he was nick named “ Ke nyinka!” at the festival.

Oswald is known for his beautiful artistic presentation of poetry—blending music with verses, sometimes with support from other theatrical elements as dance. After University education, at the University of Cape Coast, he lives life is a full time poet and spoken word artiste.
Oswald was the Head line performer at the Ugadan Poetry Festival (Babishai Niwe Poetry Festival) held in August this year, is a World Poetry Director & the World Poetry Theatre Ambassador from Ghana and the 2016 Pan African Poet/Spoken word artiste in Ghana. He is set for other international debuts as Ghana’s representative.


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