Oprah Winfrey has purchased her father Vernon?s barbershop out of foreclosure after one month of being in the financial state.

The media mogul?s parent had the men?s hair salon in Nashville, Tennessee, and his wife ? Oprah?s stepmother ? is apparently angry about her buying it.

Barbara Winfrey told NBC station television station WSMV-TV: ?I know what is going on. I?m tired of it, and I?ve had enough.?

Vernon has run a barbershop for 50 years and it is considered a fixture in his community.

A year ago, he and Barbara bought a new building, refurbished it and moved the business into it.

However, Barbara revealed that they owed the bank $481,000 and that the business was only worth $350,000 before the bank auctioned it off.

Oprah was the highest bidder and completed the sale for $475,000.

In a statement to MSMV, Oprah?s spokeswoman confirmed the purchase.

The representative said: ?Vernon will continue to manage the business of a day to day basis.?

Barbara claimed that 80-year-old Vernon is taking bad advice from people, without naming her stepdaughter, Oprah.

Vernon filed for divorce from Barbara.

Source: The Citizen Daily?


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