Raila Odinga, Kalonzo Musyoka

On Thursday, Kalonzo Musyoka, who had accompanied suspended Lands Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu to court, said he was happy with Kitui East MP Marcus Muluvi for exposing the double standards in the presidential memo ? that for Raila and Kalonzo to get their pension, they have to quit politics.

?I am here with Marcus Muluvi, who did very good work in the National Assembly. I was impressed,? said Kalonzo, as he patted Muluvi in the back.

Muluvi, a retired soldier, confessed that even as he works as an MP in the National Assembly, he was still getting his pension from military service.

The right to vie in elections and take part in political activity is the major, and perhaps the only ground that the lawmaker, David Ochieng? (Ugenya) will be taking to court to have the judges strike out the President?s proposal that for his opponents to get their pensions, they have to quit politics.

For Ochieng, who will be leading the charge in court, the President and ?Jubilee mandarins? were out to execute political ?mischief? by making sure that the opposition chiefs either choose to quit their challenge on the presidency in the next elections in order to get the pensions; or that they struggle in the political cold without the government millions they are expected to pocket monthly.

?Any court that is properly guided will not allow this kind of provision to stand. That is why I am confident when I say I will go to court, to make sure they are removed from the statute books,? said Ochieng? in an interview with journalists.

Article 38 of the Constitution makes it a right for ?every citizen? to ?to form, or participate in forming, a political party; to participate in the activities of, or recruit members for, a political party; or to campaign for a political party or cause?.

?The right to participate in politics is unfettered. Under article 24 of the same Constitution, if someone wants to limit any rights, the limitation has to be included in the Bill. This one does not have. Let the President know that this is not a threat. It is the reality. When he signs the Bill into law, we will go to court and ask it to expunge the illegal provision,? said the Ugenya MP.

Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale also warned the President that some laws approved in the House, will come to haunt him in future.

?When you make laws, make laws for posterity. He is being petty and it will bite him. He should know that even in the last Parliament, Raila and Kalonzo did not fight so hard to defeat the law locking presidential candidates from participating in other elections. Now they are in the political cold,? said Khalwale.

The senator warned Deputy President William Ruto, that he too; he will be caught by the clause because of his ambitions for the top seat.

?Ruto can?t see this for now, but it will also affect him,? said Khalwale.

Those who will have to kill their political ambitions to access the pensions include Raila, Kalonzo, former VPs Musalia Mudavadi, Moody Awori and former Speaker Francis ole Kaparo.

By Alphonce Shiundu, The Standard


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