Martin Amidu
Martin Amidu

Stephen Kwaku Asare who describes and styles himself a “professor” appears to be an imbecile in referring to Martin Amidu’s well stated case against the unconstitutional actions of the government and its covert agent, Anas Aremeyaw Anas as infantile.

Martin Amidu
Martin Amidu
Mr. Amidu is simply defending the Constitution of Ghana to prevent the Government from using its covert agent to create an Orwellian Big Brother State.

The vertrant journalist, distinguished and experienced editor of repute, Cameron Dodou did not need to call himself a professor as Stephen Kwaku Asare vainly touts himself to make an in-depth and lucid analysis of Mr. Amidu’s message of fighting unconstitutionality and upholding Fundamental Human Rights and Freedoms in the Ghanaian society.

Stephen Kwaku Asare sounds like one of those hungry Ghanaians living abroad trying to ingratiate himself with the Government to join in the create, loot and share syndrome in Ghana today.

Stephen Kwaku Asare also writes like one of those so called professors who are lazy to research the topics they write about. If he had done his homework he would have known that Mr. Amidu advised President John Mahama about corruption in his government way back on 18 November 2013. He had told President Mahama that: “Good leaders act; they do not wait to react to situations. Ghanaians will find it difficult electing another President from the geo-political north which the President and myself come from for more than thirty years after he has left office should this President fail to fight corruption, abuse of office and impunity in obedience to our ancestors and God during his tenure of office.”

Didn’t “professor” Stephen Kwaku Asare read Mr. Amidu’s article in 2013 or is he now taking a keen interest in Ghanaian politics because he has not made it in America and is cheaply begging and calling attention to himself for patronage jobs to deaden his hunger?

Can Stephen Kwaku Asare seriously plead ignorance of the fact that because of the requirement under the constitution for regional and ethnic balance in appointments to office, Ghanaian political parties have been employing ethnic arithmetic in the selection of Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates for some time now? Professor Mills was reported to have said on 5th September 2000 when introducing Mr. Amidu as his running mate that although he “considered the need for both ethnic and regional balance in his search, his choice was not at the expense of merit and competence.”

Kufuor’s running mate was reportedly described on 8 September 2000 as follows: “Alhaji Aliu, 54-year-old Civil Engineer, was born in Yendi in March 1946….He has been an active member of the Dagbon Youth association and contributed materially and otherwise to its sustenance….”

On September 23, 2004 the GNA reported that Professor Mills had chosen “Alhaji Mohammad Mumuni as his running mate.”  The report continued that “There were six names in the contest from the beginning, including Mr. John Mahama, Mr. Baba Kamara and Dr. Mustapha Idris. But the number was cut to two, Mr. Mahama and Alhaji Mumuni before Thursday’s meeting…” Where was this Stephen Kwaku Asare all this while?  President Kufuor maintained the northerner Alhaiji Aliu Mahama for the NPP for the 2004 elections.

Then on 9th April 2008 the GNA reported that “John Dramani Mahama is the running mate of Professor John Evans Atta Mills…” He was chosen from a list of four names all northerners except the wife of former Defence Minister, Alhaji Mahama Iddrisu, himself a northerner.

The NPP on 15 August 2008 GNA again reported that: “New Patriotic Party (NPP) Flag Bearer, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has chosen Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia,…as his running mate…” He was reported to have been chosen from several names including Hajia Alima Mahama,….Dr. Mohamed Ibn Chambers..,Alhaji Adam Zakaria…, and Alhaji M. N. D. Jawula…” all northerners.

In each case and year the Flag Bearer was a Southerner while the running mate came from the north but Stephen Kwaku Asare, is opportunistically behaving as an imbecile that he has been unable to learn these simple facts of our history and attacks Mr. Amidu who has lived all his life and worked for mother Ghana and knows what he is taking about, as infantile, just to pick crumbs from President Mahama’s kitchen table. Tell me, why did Mahama name Amissah-Arthur his running mate and not another northerner?

Stephen Kwaku Asare should know or ought to have known that Mr. Amidu is a bona fide member of the NDC and is fighting to maintain the core values of the NDC of complying with the Constitution of the Republic of Ghana.

In view of the fact that Stephen Kwaku Asare appears to be a stranger to Ghanaian politics but wishes to be noticed by President Mahama for patronage I wish him to understand that Mr. Amidu is a committed foundation member of the NDC and not a late entrant seeking cheap popularity. He is living truly to the character, moral rectitude and integrity which the late President Mills knew him to have and testified to. The General News of Wednesday, 6 September 2000 with the source of the story given as “null” reports Prof. Mills’ evaluation of Mr. Amidu as follows:

“Prof. Mills described Mr. Amidu as someone who shared his personal values, adding that his nominee has character, integrity, experience and sound judgment.

Apart from his being a team player, Mr. Amidu is also bold and fearless, and a fighter when necessary, he said.

Prof. Mills said he saw in his former student as “someone who will work for the ordinary people of this country, not the powerful with a high sense of social justice, fairness, and above all truthfulness.”

I have no doubt that if Stephen Kwaku Asare had behaved as a professor who has truly earned his scholastic title and not an imbecile he would not have ignored the historical facts and integrity of Mr. Amidu who is now working for “the ordinary people of this country, not the powerful with a high sense of social justice, fairness, and above all truthfulness” as the NDC itself presented him to Ghanaians.

Mr. Amidu says his own party and Government are using commissioned covert judicial investigations to hide their political corruption. In view of the NDC’s own testimony to Martin Alamisi Amidu’s character, moral uprightness and integrity how can you, Stephen Kwaku Asare, who is now looking for crumbs from the NDC table attempt to ridicule one of the most exceptional persons the NDC itself has ever held out to the whole world and who lived that character even at the cost of his job only for the Supreme Court and the High Court to uphold his actions for corrupt payments and wrongful dismissal respectively?

Ingratiation is a form of corruption. Stephen Kwaku Asare, stop your opportunistic insults as a means of achieving such a corrupt objective. A word to the wise is in the north! Dare Not!

Justice Ambomaje, Phd


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