For the first time in many years,I am seeing Ghanaians coming together in a very worried state to demand accountability and proper administrative delivery from an institution of state.Ghanaians in an apolitical mood are demanding from the Ghana Football Association (GFA) a set of norms and ideals which we all have agreed,should constantly guide our administrators.

No true patriot or citizen would and should harbor the thought for one moment that our dear nation with is decent citizens should be a country or People obliterated in world soccer history because of reckless behavior by some few.

Events unfolding at the world cup commission coupled with recent obnoxious decision by the executive committee of the Football Association must signal us that,we must put behind us this attitude of political extremism and expose or help to reprimand miscreants playing on our intelligence using the political chess game.People are milking this nation dry and escape freely with their booty all because we give them undeserving political protection.

We are joining hands and camps for the first time patriots and comrades from the political divide to openly demonstrate against recent revelations and arrogance posturing by the FA.Our players have received enough from Kumasi supporters.Ghana must be prepared to endure whichever punishment meted out to us by FIFA after ensuring that sanity and discipline prevail at the FA.The world is aware of the numerous corruption allegations involving FIFA.Jack Warner the President of the confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association (CONCACAF) resigned in 2011 after facing numerous corruption and bribery charges.Alexander Wrage resigned over transparency issues in FIFA,he was head of Independent Governance Committee,read his revelations in his article published by Forbes.

We heard of the Qatar 2022 bribery allegation and many other allegations.FIFA on many occasions,constituted committees to look into such scandalous allegations so why preventing us from streamlining things within the FA.

The Demonstration will start at Obra Spot and end at the FA office in Accra on 3rd of October 2014 starting at 8am.This event must re-energize us as people to fight corruption and other unethical actions alongside our political banter.Mother Ghana deserves better,the future of our children must be protected,football which binds us together as a people,shouldn’t be allowed to collapse by few self-seeking opportunists.

Organizers are making frantic efforts to get all parliamentarians join the match.

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