Traders selling items ranging from clothes for adults and children, electronics, stationery, airtime, bags and hats were all over the street selling their items.

They shouted out loud to draw the attention of anyone who walked along the street; ?Mutwalo, mutwalo suit za bassajja, shirt mutwalo? .

In the evening when KCCA executive director Jennifer Musisi visited the market, trader requested that they be given more time to operate their business as KCCA had announced that they should operate from 9AM to 8PM.

?We need more time from 8AM to have more clients buy our items. We need other public holidays to work, Florence Mugawera told Musisi as she stopped to buy two small ladies wallets. She also bought three belts, a pair of sandals and a solar lamp.

Musisi said that KCCA will consider traders with vehicles selling bread and cookies to be part of the vendors, although earlier KCCA had banned the sale of food items.

?KCCA will consider vendors of bread, cookies and cakes to sell their items. We also consider other days,? she told the press.

Last Thursday KCCA announced that they agreed with the Ministry of Works and Transport that the street stretching from Barclays Bank along Kampala Road to Luwuum Street will every Sunday be sealed off for vendors.

Vendors pay sh10,000 to access the market on each market day. The funds cater for toilets, security and garbage collection.

By Juliet Waiswa, The New Vision


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