These days, it is a typical perspective that open source versus the exclusive application is more vulnerable to splitting down because of the capability of value crackers to control the source value to break down. While this perspective is validated because you could actually look at the value, change it and re-deliver it, it will be very arrogant to say that it is volatile and unsafe. With the introduction of businesses that work entirely online, protection became an expected need and an unavoidable issue.

This also does not mean that exclusive applications are un-crackable (given the truth that there is no entry to source value and there is a large price via licensing) the most consistent application can be occupied due to their routine as well.

And the controversy never ends. There are several misunderstandings about the open source development that it is very challenging to make an equalized foundation for a debate. Along with misunderstandings, there aren’t as many experienced experts to clear the cards too!

Anyone to take a position and “show” the structure of the open source value to the public at huge and confirm some fact! Well, that’s the fact even with a closed source value as well – because of the non release of code plans no one can attest that exclusive application is “highly safe” – other than the designers themselves. Initially, just because the source value is obtainable, does not make free application more insecure. This will suggest that there are completely no weaknesses in exclusive application – which is completely false! Conventional application can be controlled too via programs because of their routine of performance.

Genuinely, the accessibility of source code to an open source developer allows new methods for a designer to protect it in a personalized way as per need per venture base. Web development – one of the ever growing areas in IT, has also found on the free practice. With lots of open source developments, platforms like Drupal, Joomla, PHP! Etc., developing web programs using this is a pattern that has found on quickly in modern times. Obviously, this did not decrease the appeal of the normal application and ASP.NET and ASP are used similarly as well. But, to put it in simply language, there are no researches that show one to be more insecure than the other.

With open source development, or with the exclusive program, your website / program is similarly insecure (or not) and can be taken a benefit of by a well-known cyberpunk. Like the saying goes “A protected from the entrance is for a man, criminals will grab anyway”. Whether you use open source development or not, you must properly protect our programs and sites and keep very fewer opportunities for adjustment by value breakers and online hackers.  With all said & done, use the apt program to match your development specifications and make sure that your last item is free from weaknesses thoroughly examined by all examining techniques available and properly secured to your fulfillment.

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