Respect the office of the President and retrace your step (Part 1)

I am absolutely disappointed by Professor Tam David West who had been

feeding Nigerians and the outside world with mushroom criticisms

against private individuals and the Federal Government of Nigeria

without postulating any realistic solution to address the issues on


In my opinion, Tam David West should concentrate on how to improve the

health and hygiene of Nigerians as a Professor of Virology instead of

scrambling for hilltop appointments through the back door. That is,

threatening the government with self centred experience and common

place intellectual discourses on contemporary social problems known by

every Tom Dick and Aries.

The Professor is in expert position to inform the world why Nigerians

are backward in science and technology. The reason is close by.

Academics like Tam David West can only be justified within the

theoretical perspective of their elected disciplines.

They had no preliminary or essential ideas about the practical or

technological aspect of what they read. This premise is it that formed

the basis of a sound and resourceful career in the life of every

scholar. Theory without practice is said to be the worst form of

education in this part of the world.

Nigerians are infants in respect of scientific and technological

development. The blame should be given to the likes of Tam David West.

They should be held responsible for this ugly and backward trend.

I honestly believe that Tam David West is an authority in the study of

Pathology, Bacteriology and Virology. He earned a BSc degree at

Michigan State University (1958- 1960), an MSc degree at Yale

University (1960-1962), and a PHD degree at McGill University

(1964-1966). David West was consultant Virologist and senior lecturer

at the University of Ibadan in 1969 and was subsequently promoted to

Professor of Virology in 1975.

Scientists all over the world believe that diseases are caused by

microscopic organisms (Bacteria).

If we have someone like professor Tam David West, sickness and death

in Nigeria should not be a thing of the past but ought to be reduced

to the barest minimum but millions of Nigerians die every hour, day

and year because our first generation Virologists with such

overwhelming experience and excellent credentials have no elementary

idea as to discover the cause and prevention of very simple diseases.

In the light of experience, Tam David West has not embarked on any

practical research work in a medical laboratory to arrive at positive

solutions with which to sweep away the tide of killer disease in

tropical Africa. Nigerians professors have continued to rely on

foreign medicines without which the death rate would have risen

astronomically. Tam David West has published several authoritative

articles in the following journals; Transactions of the Royal Society

of tropical medicine and hygiene, Intervirology, Journal of Pathology

and Bacteriology and the Journal of hygiene respectively.

No scientific discovery or invention has been reported in any of these

journals. The articles are based on theoretical articulations only. He

has no hope or determination to make a landmark contribution in the

field of tropical medicine.

Non- availability of fund is an unquestionable factor militating

against the research effort of scientists in Nigerian Universities.

This has not affected our United State trained Virologist. He is only

ignorant or incapable of appreciating the function of technology.

The world will be hesitate to believe that a Professor of Virology at

the University of Ibadan since 1969 who had been a Commissioner of

Education in then old Rivers State, Member of a Constitution Drafting

Committee in a Military Government and Minister of the Federal

Republic of Nigeria could not secure funds to set up a Research Centre

for the development of tropical medicine as well as prevention of

diseases in Nigeria.

Professor Tam David West is only interested in social criticism,

politics and survival. He is attracted to get richer by all means but

his counterparts, friends and associates in America, Europe, Russia,

China and Japan are of the view that learning is better than silver

and gold.

Their educational policy is to create, invent and discover more ideas

and technologies to make life better. This innovativeness is the

principal fundamental objective of going to school in the western

world. Why not Nigeria? Scientists in the western world do not escape

from their laboratories to criticize their presidents or public office

holders with the elaborate aim of securing a favour or appointment.

Tam David West is not ignorant of the fact that Pathologists,

Virologists, Bacteriologist, Dentists, Pharmacists and Surgeons in the

universities he attended in the United States- Michigan, Yale and

McGill have made numerous inventions and discoveries with patent to

produce and market their products. Where are your products Nigeria?s

Professor of Virology?

They direct their own companies with multi-million dollars in their

accounts and supplement government?s efforts in providing for the poor

and needy. They are richer than senators and ministers in Nigeria.

They exonerate themselves from politics and arrive at a desired

station which education and scientific research provided for them so

as to excel the wealth and popularity of unproductive scientists like

Tam David West who escape from his research obligation and assumed the

delicate behavior of the hyena dragging a tiny piece of bone with the

Lion (government) by a barrel of destructive and defamatory criticisms

that have no bearing.

Let Tam David West apply his repository of experience to eradicate

diseases in Nigeria. What about Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, The Wright

brothers and others regularly recited by Tam David West in his endless

academic discourses? The Wright Brothers were ordinary Bicycle

repairers and others do not have the qualification which Tam David

West possessed.

Their success is derived from interminable experience, courage and

determination. Who is richer than these men? Tam David West can

equally come up with something scientific but he decided to keep his

inspiration in a file cabinet waiting to die off prematurely.

Remember, the President is not at liberty to be insulted by any

person. He policies and programmes can be criticize constructively and

not by your open abuse of words without reserves.

Before I depart from my esteemed readers, I would like the Nigerian

community and his associates in Europe and America to interrogate the

professor, how many drugs has he discovered or invented to eradicate

diseases caused by microscopic bodies as a consultant virologist? What

has he done to improve the health and hygiene of Nigerians apart from

delivering theoretical lessons on virology in the classroom?

A critical analysis of his essays shows that he claimed to be more

versatile than lawyers, sociologists, anthropologists and political

scientists. It is lodged in the innermost of his hidden mind that he

is a master of all disciplines. Nigerians, do you agree? No. His

writings are a statement of claim. Be warned!

Chief Jones Abiri,

Public Affairs Analysis, based in Yenagoa (+234(0)8037509913, Email:

[email protected]


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