Dear sir,
Congratulations on your ascendency to the high office of the presidency. Though many people have asked questions as to whether this is really your first coup d’?tat, I think that as you said, God in his own wisdom has allowed you to occupy the throne at this particular moment.?
Sir, your speech last night was good. Some have said it is one of your PR gimmicks to keep you in the media all the time and get the people to accept you as a viable option for the presidency. Is that true? I never understood the matter that way but some of the arguments that are being made are very convincing.
Again, how many children do you have sir? I have heard of seven, thirteen, and eight. Which is the true figure? And how many women have borne these children for you? I think that it is very important that you clear the air on these things. You are attempting to define yourself as a forward thinking leader who understands and identifies with the youth. That is a good tag but the questions about you and the number of women and children you have are distracting attention from this goal. Obviously, such questions will not go away so why don’t you deal with them once and for all? I trust that you will use you next tv appearance to deal with this issue.
The danger of not dealing with the questions about you and your children as well as the wives/concubines issue is that they make your attempt to brand yourself as a modern African leader appear oxymoronic. It is a fact that a decorated monkey is still a monkey so show us all what you really are in terms of the number is women who have borne children for you and how many children you have had and then the issue will be deemed to have been adequately put to rest. Sunshine helps in these things your excellency.
Again, sir, how come there are so many corruption allegations surrounding you? Why is it that almost every deal you have done has been surrounded in one controversy or the other? Why did you attempt to buy the embraer jet at the overly inflated price? Why did you insist that using the monies collected from the kaya women as taxes to purchase an aeroplane staircase at one million dollars was a fair and honest deal? I find it difficult to connect that person to who you now want us to believe you are. Can you profer any explanations?
Mr. Mahama, the STX deal. Was that really the best you could do? Why did you not consult GREDA and make them the same offer first? Is it true that you were given $2600 by STX korea when you went to hold meetings to influence your decision? Is that why you pushed for it despite all good counsel? Did we actually pay the Koreans a political risk Insurance of $264 million, despite the fact that we had to give them a sovereign guarantee and pay then monies up front as well? What value did you put on Ghana in that deal? I think that you have to explain yourself to Ghanaians on this matter because people like me are still baffled about it.
Before you came to serve as the vice president, I was one of those who believed that you were a gentleman of true mettle and wit. I supported you on many of the speeches you made except that on the proposed northern development fund where you retorted that the NPP should us the money to pay TOR debt. Was that to say that you did not think the development of the NOrth was important? Anyway, after you came into office, I have been disappointed by much of the language you have used. Your statement that the resisting of the attempt to collateralize Ghana’s oil was “baloney” was unfortunate at best. That you went ahead to use language such as “foolish” and “useless” in political discourse to describe people or opinions that were contrary to yours is not in the least reassuring. Do you care to explain this? Is it a case of power corrupting you or it is one of a slip? If they are slips, have there not been too many such ” slips”?
His Excellency, I believe I have asked enough questions for now and will pause now for you to address me on those issues I am concerned about and have raised in this letter. The new generation of forward thinking leaders in Africa understand the need to answer the questions of their citizens. Prove to us all that at least you are willing to try by answering my questions. Thank you and please say hello to aunt Lordina and the kids for me. How many are they again?
Fiifi Siakwan


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