Countries around the world will host over five hundred events for the inaugural OpenGovWeek, a campaign to advance open government and strengthen democracy. Open Gov Week is an opportunity to better connect governments to the citizens they serve and kick off the co-creation of action plans through the Open Government Partnership (OGP), a non-profit organization committed to bringing governments and their citizens closer together.

Inspired by the Week of Open Administration (Settimana dell’Amministrazzione Aperta) in Italy in both 2017 and 2018, OGP launched a worldwide call to action to transform the way governments respond to their citizens. Events ranging from high-profile panels and open debates to webinars and competitions will provide an opportunity to for citizens to make their voices heard by reformers inside governments.


Sanjay Pradhan, Chief Executive Officer of Open Government Partnership, expressed enthusiasm about this initiative: “Opening government to citizens entails empowering them to shape and monitor government, to ensure that governments serve their needs. That is why we are very excited to hold OpenGovWeek, a worldwide call to action to better connect governments with the citizens they serve,” Pradhan said.

In Spain, government agencies and civil society organizations have organized over 300 events on open government issues including anti-corruption and open data. Other events include a workshop on access to information for indigenous communities in Paraguay, a roundtable on Open Budget Practices in the Asia and Pacific Region, Beneficial Ownership Disclosure in the Philippines, and a debate on youth inclusion in the policy-making process in Honduras.

Over 76 national and local governments will be co-creating action plans with citizens, developing strategies and initiatives to make government more open and accountable to citizens. . Whether it’s opening a database of healthcare providers, convening a group of women and indigenous peoples to address their needs, or examining the owners of massive corporations, OpenGovWeek is a great opportunity for citizens and governments to work together and create new, transformative commitments to make governments more transparent, accountable, and responsive, while inspiring a new generation of reformers in government and civil society to work together and advance open government in their communities.


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