Mr Opare Addo, Convention Peoples? Party (CPP) parliamentary aspirant in the 2012 election, has donated 50 bags of cement to assist in the construction of culverts along the road from Oyibi-Adamorobe-Aburi Jamaicaso.

Presenting the items to the Adamorobe Progressive Peoples? Union (PPU), a benevolent organization, Mr Opare Addo said the assistance would not be the last, but would continue to support the people of Adamorobe in their developmental initiatives.

Mr Odum Mensah, President of the PPU who received the donation expressed gratitude to Mr Opare Addo and appealed to the government, parliamentarians and assembly members to also support the union.

Mr Odum Mensah called on the citizens of Adamorobe both home and abroad to assist the community in its development.

He explained that due to lack of culverts along the 7.2 kilometre road from Oyibi through Adamorobe to Aburi Jamaicaso in the Eastern Region the area became flooded anytime there were rains.

He said the items had come at the right time to save the people flooding of the area as from the rainy season was near and commended the donor for his kind gesture.

Mr Odum Mensah appealed to the Department of Feeder Roads to make the only road in the area motorable to prevent accidents and make movements very fast.

Caption: Picture shows photograph of Mr Odum Mensah, PPU President. GNA


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