Strange things have started happening in Kumasi as a man who gave his name as ‘Ben’ is demanding money from the wife of Rev. Ebenezer Adarkwa Opambour Yiadom, leader of the Ebenezer Miracle Worship Center.
Ben’s claim is that Opambour had slept with his wife about four years ago.
According to Ben, he is the husband of Alice Boakye, the lady who told the whole world three years ago that she had hot sex in a car with Opambour and later confessed that she made the allegation to blackmail Opambour to get a car and money from the man of God.
Though Alice first made the allegation in 2009 and immediately apologized, she resurfaced in 2010 to repeat the allegation and took back her words with an explanation that she was coached by some journalists in Accra to cook up the story.
Alice has again in 2012 popped up with the same allegation, this time hiding behind her husband.
Alice is a mother of one from a broken marriage and when she was served a court writ over the allegation in 2010, she quickly took back her words and apologised.
She pleaded with the chief of Tepa in the Ashanti region, who sent his elders with drinks to beg Opambour for him to drop the court case.
A year after the court case was halted, Alice and her husband have popped up again, claiming that they should be given some money because an Accra-based pastor had told them that he had a vision that Opambour had indeed slept with Alice.
Ben reportedly follows Opambour’s wife everywhere she goes and is alleged to have repeated countless times that if he is not given the money, he would pay some Kumasi-based broadcast journalists to embarrass the man of God.
Ben is also said to place at least five phone calls on a daily bases to Opambour’s wife, demanding the money.


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