congo president

Mr Sassou-Nguesso, President ,Republic of Congo

Republic of Congo?s president spent almost ?1million on suits and shirts in Paris shopping sprees, French investigators have reportedly found.

President of the Republic of Congo, spent 1.18 million euros on suits and shirts over six years as part of 60 million euros he and his family pumped into luxury items and property in France, French investigators find as part of probe into African leaders.

Judges have been inquiring into the source of money spent in France by Denis Sassou Nguesso and his family as part of a widening investigation into the misuse of funds by African leaders.

After seizing a string of luxury assets belonging to the son of president Obiang this year and issuing an international warrant for his arrest, French investigators have now turned their attentions to Mr Sassou-Nguesso and his extended family.

In drawing up a list of assets, they were intrigued to discover that Mr Sassou-Nguesso spent 1.18 million euros between 2005 and 2011 on shirts and suits at the Pape boutique in Paris? select 7th arrondissement. He paid via wire transfers from a Swiss bank account.

In the same period, his son, Denis Christel Sassou-Nguesso forked out almost 474,000 euros almost entirely on shirts. ?He changes shirts three or four times a day and boasts that he never washes them and uses them as Kleenexes,? a former aide to the presidential clan is cited as telling police by Lib?ration newspaper.


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