This is sure to spark up another debate about rape and consensual sex.

The above photo was taken last weekend during Ohio State?s Homecoming parade. The unidentified man was allegedly giving the woman oral sex while onlookers tweeted and posted videos on Instagram.

The woman had no idea what happened until she saw countless photos of the incident the next morning. According to the Daily Mail, she was left on the street until the next morning.

The woman in the photos contacted the police on Sunday and reported the rape to the Athens, Ohio police department. Not only was the scene of the alleged crime a busy street, but it was also one block away from the police station.


The school has yet to release a statement regarding the incident, but students have voiced their opinions on the matter by shaming the woman. Others are disgusted that no one decided to intervene and stop the lewd act.

Allie Erwin, a student who leads an anti-rape group on campus, is ashamed of how onlookers reacted.

?Their first impulse was to share it on social media and make a mockery of something that was probably the worst thing that?s ever happened to her. There are other people who saw it as her asking for it and think it?s a joke. Basically they?re slut-shaming her for what happened,? Erwin said.

?We?re looking at every aspect and everything that could possibly be a factor,? police captain Ralph Harvey told local paper The Athens Messenger.

Let?s hope this doesn?t turn into another instance of acceptable rape culture.

SOURCE: DailyMail | PHOTO CREDIT: DailyMail


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