Online poker refers to the game of poker, which is played online. If you wish to know about the popularity which the online poker game has gained, then by studying a few surveys which have been posted clearly state, that the online version of the poker game has risen in its revenue earnings over the past few years really dramatically. Till 2000-2001 the net revenue that was earned was approximately eighty two million dollars to approximately two and a half billion dollars in 2005-2006. The main and the biggest reason behind this sudden demand of online poker has been that one can stay in part of the world, and through the various online poker game portals available on the net play this game on an international level by comfortably sitting on their couch and yet have fun.

Online Poker V/S Traditional Poker

Traditional poker games like that of ‘brick and mortar’ types of games are originally played in the typical brick built rooms or in casinos.

As one must have even seen them in movies, these poker rooms and casinos are also at times located in very geographically arid locations which basically make them really difficult to access. Also, due the mass demand of the online poker game, many of the poker rooms have shut down and many casinos do not even take kind of interest to promote this game anymore, as over the time they have not been able to make really good profit out of them. Another reason for this has also been that adding a new poker table occupies a lot of space and even money, which in the long run doesn’t give good financial returns. Casinos prefer running their business through slot machines instead of investing in a new poker table.

On the other hand online poker has definitely proved to a boon in disguise. One of the best examples would be all those games available on the poker India websites. The good thing about Indian poker is that, it is the simplest form of poker ever played. People need not pay an entry fee to play for stakes as low as one cent to two cents. This is a very good opportunity for beginners and for people who are simply looking for some fun. Another good thing about online poker is that, adding a new table does not occupy any space unlike the brick and mortar type.

Online poker games are known for having strict rules against any kind of fraud. No two players from the same IP address are allowed to play on the same poker table at the same time. This is a very effective way of catching fraud. In a real casino, it is really difficult to make out if two people are acquaintances who are playing on the same table.

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