The number of online job applications fell sharply from 318,233 in October to 170,453 in December, and the figure has taken a downward turn ever since, the bureau of statistics said in its latest report released on Thursday.


“Although the number of vacancies rose slightly between October and November, from 4,620 to 4,696, the number also fell sharply in December to 2,563, a decline of 44.52 percent relative to October,” the NBS said.

The report said trade and services have recently attracted largest number of applications, while energy and tourism were the industries to receive the most applications per each vacancy, receiving 461 and 366 respectively.

These industries were rated the most competitive, according to the NBS report.

The report said active applicants were predominantly well educated male, with 77.61 per cent being educated to degree level or higher. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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