Auto insurance companies take many factors into account while assessing the driving history of an applicant. Traffic violation history, number of accidents, type and number of claims filed, and severity of the accidents are the factors that determine how responsible a driver he or she is.  The premium rate of the car insurance policy is just a reflection of the risk involved with insuring the customer as per the assessment by the company.

It is a known fact that women enjoy a lot more benefits from the online car insurance quotes provided by the insurance companies. They not only receive much cheaper rates, many insurance companies provide dedicated insurance service for women. The biggest reason behind this is that women are considered to be safer drivers comparing to men. Even statistics suggest that female drivers are much more responsible than their male counterparts.

Therefore, they belong to the low risk category in the car insurance market.

Most of the women drive their cars very safely and with proper care. In most of the instances of car insurance claims made by female drivers are for minor maintenance or repairing. Whereas, the majority of claims made by the men are related to heavy duty repairing arising out of accidents. That’s why the companies provide much better online car insurance quotes for the female drivers.  

It is a debatable point whether women are better drivers than men. However, it is true that they make less number of claims than men do. Insurance companies provide them cheap online car insurance quotes because they prefer insuring female customers. The cost of insuring women is much less than men because women hardly run into serious accidents.

This preference shown by the companies towards the female drivers is very strongly supported by data. A recent survey revealed that the women contribute only 16% of the total number of accidents that take place throughout the United States. This data clearly explain why women receive good online car insurance quotes much easier than men.  

Another reason for the companies providing cheaper insurance for women is that they tend to drive shorter distances comparing to men. This lessens the chances of an accident even more. Women generally prefer driving small cars that have engines with medium capacity. The insurance premium for insuring such cars is less because the maintenance cost is low for them. As a combination of all these reasons, the female drivers stand a much better chance of maximizing benefits from their online car insurance quotes.    

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