The Ghanaian music industry has over the years evolved in a significant way that has proven to be a hard ground to thread for many artistes especially those who wish to change the phase of the terrain.

Names such as Reggie Rockstone, Gyedu-Blay Ambulley and Nana Kwame Ampadu come to mind when it comes to artistes who have caused great stir on Ghana?s music scene with dynamic and unique touches that resulted in them producing consistent hits; something the ?new generation? musicians find difficult to do.

So what exactly leaves some Ghanaian artiste as a ?one-time? hit maker? Is it laziness, lack of funding, complacence due to fame or tough competition?

You decide, but let?s rundown the names of some Ghanaian musicians who have disappeared from the music scene after making a single hit and reigning for a very short time.

1. Mimi ? Leave Me Alone

2. Bollie ? You May Kiss Your Bride

3. Irene Logan ? Runaway

4. Nana Boroo ? Aha Ye De

5. Deeba ? Deeba

6. Atumpan ? The Thing

7. Dunsin ? Oyade3 Ye

8. Kofi Nti ? Odo Nwom

9. Kokoveli ? Za Za

10. OJ Blaq ? Chale Wote

11. Dr. Cryme ? Kill Me Shy

12. Chicago

13. Ex-Doe ? Maba

14. Opanka ? Simple Freestyle

While others have tried severally to stage a comeback by making new tracks and some attempting to do so by collaborating with promising artistes under the guise of helping them, their efforts have not yielded any significant result as they no longer enjoy the airplays they used to get when they made their presence felt with their hits or invited to perform on the big musical platforms in the country.

Maybe there are some other things they can do to come up to the limelight again, but till then, they will be referred to as fleeting or short-term artistes.


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