suit spizer-lowWhat is your full name?

My full name is Mojeed Akinola Oladimeji.

Is Ewo ni tie your first official single?

Yes. There had been a number of unofficial recordings before ?Ewo Ni Tie? but the track is the officially released single from the Spizer.

What is the concept behind “Ewo ni tie”

Basically, the concept behind ‘Ewo ni Tie’ revolves around the usual ‘boy meets girl’ scenario in a Nigerian context. The song talks about the ‘Wise Gee’, slick-talking type Naija guy’s approach to ‘toasting’ a girl, in contrast to the less-confident, cowardly (?premature?, ?Rightcho? or ?February?) type of guy approach. So, in essense, the song simply asks ?Wetin be your own??, or ?Where do you stand/Which is yours? out of these two types of toasters.

Being new in the industry, what are your challenges so far?

I face the general challenge every aspiring or upcoming musician in Nigeria face, which is mainly around finding someone who?d believe in them and be willing to invest in their aspiration to get their voice out in the best way possible. In a simple sentence, production of good music and quality promotion are two expensive but indispensable ingredients for being noticed as a musician. Back when I was just a young graduate in search of a job, I pulled money together to make a demo and made several other moves with a few of my friends helping as well. Our effort didn?t yield any results at the time. When I later made some money, I made a better recording of a few tracks and a copy was given to a popular promoter only for me to find the English version of one of the tracks on air, performed by one of the musicians on his label.

However, I think a unique challenge for me is that of sharing my time between my love for music and my passion for professional engineering. You?ll agree that these two look like miles apart (even though they have a lot in common, surprisingly!).

Apart from been an artiste, what else do you do?

I?m a professional engineer. I specialize in environmental engineering and I?m very proud of my achievement in the field of engineering both in Nigeria and in Canada.

Are you signed to any record label, if YES, what’s the name?

Edited version: Yes. I?m with Sigma Entertainment, an emerging and ambitious record label focusing on Nigerian music and entertainment.

Ewo ni tie is fast making an impact in the music industry, what else are we expecting from you and how soon?

A lot! Lots of spices, lots of creativity, no one will be left behind! No matter who you are or what your interest is, you?ll find your flavour in Spizer. In the short term, I?ll be releasing another single titled ?Ko To Pe?, which will be followed by ?Can You Feel Me?? and of course, ?Ewo Ni Tie??s video is also loading.

As an artiste, do you play any musical instruments?

No. I?ve tried the guitar and the keyboard at different times but never really been able to commit enough time to master either.

Which Nigeria artiste(s) do you expect or plan to work with in the nearest future?

I?ve thought of collaborating with Tiwa Savage, 2 Baba and Davido on different songs. I?ve got a story to tell Olamide and it?s ?a week long story!? He and Wizkid are in my diary as well.

Most artistes have different ways of relaxing, how do you relax?

I swim and I watch Nollywood movies.

Where do you see yourself as an artiste in the next five (5) years?

I?m working towards having a large and diverse fans base and making significant impact within the industry. I see Spizer being a household name and my songs being played in across the continents. I see myself bridging the gap between the elites and the common man in Nigeria by bringing together the privileged to help the less privileged in the society.

Which music producers will you love to work with in subsequent songs from you?

We?ll need Don Jazzy to split himself into at least four pieces as every good musician wants to work with him. I?m definitely not an exception to that, the guy is good! I also look forward to working with Maleek Berry, Shizzi, Legendary Beats, and D-tunes. Of course there are many other great Naija producers I’d love to work with along the line but these are just the ones that readily come to my mind.

When should Nigerians in Nigeria and Nigerians in diaspora be expecting your album?

As soon as they want it! The truth is it?s my fans that will dictate what Spizer will or will not do. Without their assent, I can?t release an album or even a single. In the beginning, it was they (mostly close friends and associates) that said Spizer should release ?Ewo Ni Tie?. They?re the ones providing the motivation to work on the other two singles I?m working on right now and it will still be my fans that will provide the motivation to release an album. With their love and support, with them spreading the message of Spizer, an album will be very soon.

How can you describe the entertainment industry now?

Edited version: The entertainment industry now compared to when i started out is massive and stupendous. Very competitive! And you really have to have great content and skillful strategies to succeed?and once you make it, it?s also a lot more rewarding than it used to be.

Every good artiste has a fan Base, what’s your advice to your fans and other upcoming artiste?

To my fans, ?Eee ti rin ken ken?(You aint seen nothing yet) like my people from Oke Ogun would put it. ?A sese bere si n m?eye bo l?apo ni?( I still got more tricks in the bag). Sit back, relax and get ready for great, powerful, danceable and inspiring music from Spizer. Lots of spices, lots of flavours, no one will be left behind. From great rhythm to wonderful lyrics, music like it?s never been done before!

To other upcoming artists, hold on to your dreams, never give up on them but remember you?ve got to stay alive to realize the dreams, so be creative. No man lives his live dreaming. We sleep, we dream, we wake up to reality, do the reality, go back to sleep and dream again. Giving up is when you sleep and you don?t dream again!


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