Prince Mba

Prince Mba

President of the Forum for National Equity (FNE), an interest group based in Accra, has applauded the newly elected executives and members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) for upholding democratic principles and exhibiting high level of maturity at the party?s recently held National Delegates? Congress in the Northern Regional capital of Tamale.

Prince Bagnaba Mba, the President, was also delighted about the decision to honour pioneers of the party who made significant contributions to strengthen the party, with particular reference to the late former Vice President Aliu Mahama.

Speaking to DAILY GUIDE in Accra on Tuesday, Mr. Bagnaba emphasized the need for the new executives to tap the human resources within the party and also put in efforts at eliminating internal wrangling to ensure that the NPP re-captures power in future elections.

?One of the remarkable things they did was to honour the past leaders of the north; the northern leaders have always hoped that the north would be a place that exploits all of its natural resources to improve the lives of the people. It is about time petty bickering and bitterness within the rank and file stopped. The interest of the party is more important than that of the individual,? he admonished.

The President of the pressure group ? which supports equity and justice in governance ? also believed it was time leaders departed from the practice of appointing inexperienced persons to occupy political positions. Instead, he posited, persons with proven track records should be appointed to serve in government.

?It is high time we stopped political experimentation ? giving out political positions just because people can have access to the media. When it comes to execution of duty, mature brains should be used because productivity is not measured by propaganda,? he stated.

He also maintained that the essence of government is to seek the welfare of all citizens and help to eradicate or reduce abject poverty.

Reflecting on the legacies of the late Aliu Mahama, Mr. Bagnaba suggested that the Tamale Airport and the Sports Stadium should be named after him to reflect his contributions to nation building and also to the development of sports.

He also charged the nation?s parliamentarians to place the interest of their constituencies above party considerations; and called for a restructuring of Parliament to allow members articulate independent views.

BY Ernest Nutsugah


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