The unending street protests over the prevailing harsh economic conditions took another dimension in Kumasi on Thursday, when an education consultant staged a four-hour, demonstration, to denounce the political leadership.wpid-Mr-Kofi-Agyei.jpg
Mr Agyei Kofi walked from the Anloga Junction through the Central Market and the Adum Central Business District to Pampamso, carrying a giant placard with messages that aptly summed up his frustration.
Some of messages read: ?Where are the wise men in Ghana,? ?Academia, where is your power,? ?Nation needs a redeemer,? ?Save the poor from dying,? ?We are thirsty in the midst of the abundance of water,? and ?Politicians save the nation.?
As he moved along the streets, he was cheered and applauded by the people ? drivers and traders, in solidarity.
Mr Agyei, who later spoke to Ghana News Agency, expressed disappointment at what he said is the disturbing silence of religious and traditional leaders over the continued mismanagement of the nation?s economy.
?Our leaders should be vocal and speak against the high utility bills, hike in taxes and consumable products, near collapse of the health sector and worsening unemployment situation.?
Mr Agyei chastised politicians for failing to deliver on their campaign promises and said instead of seeking the welfare of the ordinary people, ?they are only interested in amassing wealth.?
He pledged series of demonstrations to convey the deep resentment of the people until those entrusted with the management of the economy do the right things to make life better for everybody.



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