Africa’s biggest youth event, The Future Awards Africa, has named the Vice President for International Affairs of the Liberian National Student Union, LINSU, a member of President Sirleaf’s Young Technical Team (President’s Young Professional Program) and Budget Analyst at the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning.

Mr. Emmanuel N. B. Flomo as the only Liberian nominee for the Future Awards Africa prize in Public Service and has also been named among the 50 brightest young leaders in Africa for 2015.

“After a one year cycle finding the brightest and the best young leaders across Africa, we are excited to present the Class of 2015, with inspiring stories and models that will change our continent.” says Bukonla Adebakin project manager for the awards.

The Award, popularly known as The Future Awards, are a set of awards given by The Future Project (TFP), a social enterprise set up with a strong and practical commitment to human and capital development, especially in Africa. The Future Project is the largest home-grown network of policy-makers, business people, and other stakeholders in Young Africa.

The Future Project is also committed to finding effective and innovative ways of addressing social issues. It has become one of the most respected private sector-driven development platforms with a history of verifiable impact, including in under-privileged and grassroots communities

The Future Awards Africa has been called the ‘Nobel Prize for Young Africans by the World Bank and the ‘most important youth awards’ by Forbes. It is a set of prizes given annually to celebrate and accelerate innovation, creativity and enterprise amongst young Africans aged 18 – 31. It has produced over 150 winners and over 1550 nominees since its first edition in 2006.

Mr. Emmanuel N B Flomo was nominated by one of his colleague who is also a member of the President’s Young Professional Program. He mentioned that over the years Mr. Flomo has exhibited a strong work of professional skills in the Ministry of Finance & Development Planning where he works on the forecasting and Strategic Development of the Liberian Budget.

Mr. Flomo is also a National Student Activist, he serves as a Vice President for the Liberia National Student Union (LINSU), the umbrella organization for all students in Liberia, founded and enacted into law by the National Legislature in 1957. He has been known for his numerous contributions and lead for change in the youth and student community. In September this year, at the age 27, Emmanuel Flomo obtained his Masters of Business Administration in Finance from the Cuttington University Graduate School.

In August 2015, Mr. Flomo had the opportunity for the Second time to represent Liberia at the United Nations, New York, USA attending the Millennium Campus Conference, where he has the opportunity to give his prospect and challenges of the Millennium Development Goals as its transition to the Sustainable Development Goals.

When contacted about the nomination, he expressed excitement over the nomination and stated that Liberia still has hope of better lives and a good representation on the continent.

“ This is a signal that our country still has men and women to depend on as a Nations, the matter of fact, we are name among the 50 brightest young African and listed among the nominees for the Future Awards Africa prize in Public Service, I can say; we are on path of moving forward. A path of hope to the hopeless, a path that will tell the World that Liberia is no more that war country that destroyed lot of lives and killed the potential of young people”. Says Flomo

The nomination certificate will be awarded on 23 November 2015, Lagos, Nigeria where Mr. Flomo will be represented by a colleague, Mr. Christopher Daylue.

Ivor S. Moore
Student Activist and Writer


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