The City Radio Campaign Against Grassroots Projects Campaign for 2016

John Mahama casting his Ballots during the 2012 General Elections
John Mahama casting his Ballots during the 2012 General Elections

It seems we are in desperate political moments and therefore must use?desperate strategies in order to win political power. There is an?adage which translate to mean that only a fool that slips on the same?anthill twice and I think our old friend is advising himself cautious?of this of this adage.


I remember very well when the same tunes going on the airwaives today?were being sung during the times of Prof Mill. At a point everybody?was saying enko yie3 literally meaning things are very bad. Many?people jumped onto platforms created by radio and television stations?for the opposition to ridicule the governance of Prof Mills. The likes?of Ursula Owusu cannot be forgotten by her ?clueless and Visionless??mantra. Their tunes continued on many radio stations that more money?was bring borrowed but little was being seen for those huge amounts. I?remember in one his interviews the opposition leader Nana Akuffo Addo?referred to Prof Mills as Dr. Do Little, thus likening him to Eddy?Murphy?s comedy film.

It therefore came as surprise when?Dr. Do Little? hit the roads to?inspect and commissioned various projects in the remote villages. Many?viewers including the likes of Ursula Owusu were shocked to the marrow?regarding the numerous projects undertaken by the NDC administration.?The camps of the opposition was shaken and there were mammering and?nagging within the camp of the NPP as they felt their strategies were?thwarted by the president?s tours.

Like I said the Nana Addo camp will not sit down again this time to?get the airwaves taken over by President Mahama?s tours to show case?projects. Last week the president was in the Western region inspecting?and commissioning projects. One such significant projects was the?expansion work on the Takoradi Port which is expected to create over?1,000 jobs during and after the construction. While all that was?happening the whole media was kidnapped at the home of Nana Akuffo to?listen to his declaration of already known intentions to run for the?presidential race the third time. All the projects inspected by the?president were hidden to the cameras and the tabloids.

Yeah!! You see?I told you they learned a bitter lesson?

Now this week as well, the president decided to do the same projects?inspection tours in the Eastern region. Ahh, did I hear you said that?is Nana Addo?s home ground? Okay while that was on going a very?powerful Christian Leader friend of the NPP provided a platform for?the Vice Shadow President in the previous two elections to lambast the?John Mahama led government on the management of the cedi. This event?once again kidnapped all. The cameras, microphones and the tabloids?from the president?s tours to listen to the gospel according to?Mahamudu Bawumia. And when all that were happening at Odza Krom here?the Shadow President himself was being introduced in Anago land as two?time Vice President of Ghana and Leadership Speaker.

So you see? This time around they will not sit down for the cameras to?be following the president everywhere showing the world those projects?and adding sand to their gari. No way. Not this time that they have?the last chance for the young oldman to become president at all cost.?The president and the NDC must be extra smart to much the strategic?teams of the Nana Addo?s camp this time around. Those beautiful?products must be shown to the public one way or the other. Only that?can convince the people of Ghana that the John Mahama led?administration is not after all liars as purported by another old?scholar suffering from old age. We don?t need to go the Asamoah?Boateng way of Ghana then and Ghana now but got to find credible means?to let the people know about those developmental projects.


Source: George Ekegey


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