Dear President Obama,


I love you but in response to your link and decisions of Thursday May 10, 2012, and link below:

Obama Supports Same Sex
Obama Supports Same Sex

I disagree with you totally and with all due respect think some of you are confusing the institution and inherent social purpose of marriage with human rights and possibly even with love. Absolutely no way!

Let me explain. There are three distinct elements and forces that work to make a marriage: (1) A social and human inner purpose of procreation, (2) Love, and (3) Certain rights endowed by society.


You can give same-sex couples all the rights in a constitution or book written by society but the sole purpose of marriage is not about rights or even sex, but about pro-creation. Love is a great bond, but in some societies, including India, parents even select a woman for the man.  Nobody is saying that a marriage without children is not valid but the purposes of most male-to-female unions should have pro-creation as part of, if not the whole equation to help the continuation of the society and humanity. Human beings existed and developed moral and ethical codes long before we thought of rights. Some animals in America and most civilized nations are given rights and are treated perhaps more fairly than many people on this earth, and yet we don’t describe these pets or animals as human beings because they are given rights!


The negative population growth rate in some European nations in the 1970s/80s started giving leaders to think strategically and now come to be more acceptable of foreigners and immigrants, including black Africans that only a few hundred years ago they had defined as sub-human species, half a vote or no vote (rights), and justified capturing as “beasts of burden” and used as such in the Americas.


Mr. President, after decades in high tech engineering and management, I took time off to study Organization and Management /Leadership for the PhD.  Where I was born (Ghana) some 65 years ago most behaviors were not guided by rights but by human consciences of right and wrong. After 43 years here and a full citizen, I think most native born Americans have gone over the edge to think that rights are what define humanity! No! Rights only help manage society and especially injustice in society. Over-emphasis on rights lead many young people astray, especially the ones who on turning eighteen feel they have “arrived” and sometimes unfortunately, on the first disagreement with a parent, assert equal rights” to do whatever they feel, including social experimentations which often lead to drugs and other dangerous behavior patterns. Not all of them turn around as you did (smile).


Mr. President, I think you made a mistake. However, I am still behind you. Votes or no notes, please find some way to explain further in order not to lead the youth astray.


Kwaku A. Danso



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