Ghanaians will now have an opportunity to assess fuel prices online before going to the filing station to purchase the commodity.

A new app launched by Energy Media Group is designed to rank Oil Marketing Companies on prices to afford consumers an opportunity to choose which company to purchase fuel from.

The app, is also set to give Ghanaians better quality service and value for money as well as encourage fair competition in the industry.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Energy Media Group, Mr. Henry Teinor, the move will ultimately benefit Ghanaians and consumers.

He explained that the app will offer comprehensive information to vehicle owners while it provides them an opportunity to make good choices.

According to a latest ranking released by the group, FRIMPS Oil leads a 24 OMC chart of companies with on the market, quoting a litre of petrol at GHS3.230 while diesel goes for GHS3.100 per liter.

Other companies on the chart include TOTAL, SUPERIOR and MAXXON quoting the highest ex-pump prices for petrol and diesel at GHS3.3830 and GHS3.3910 respectively.

Below is the full chart released by the Group.

Petrol Diesel

FRIMPSS 3.2000 3.1000
AI 3.2300 3.1000
CHAMPION 3.2680 3.1800
ALLIED 3.3100 3.2900
CASH 3.3290 3.2900
GLORY 3.3290 3.2900
EXCEL 3.3290 3.2990
BENAB 3.3300 3.2900
STAR 3.3200 3.2900
NP 3.3280 3.2900
NASONA 3.3200 3.2900
GOIL 3.3300 3.3000
ENGEN 3.3300 3.3000
RICH 3.3300 3.3000
SHELL 3.3300 3.3000
PETROSOL 3.3300 3.3000
SKY 3.3300 3.3300
UNITY 3.2900 3.3900
PETROBAY 3.3590 3.3690
EV 3.3550 3.3550
UNION 3.3600 3.3700
TOTAL 3.3830 3.3910
SUPERIOR 3.3830 3.3930
MAXXON 3.3830 3.3910

Source: citifmonline.com


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