Olympic mothers getting $1,000 gift cards to help with travel to London

All 800 mothers of Olympic and Paralympic athletes will get $1,000 Visa reward cards to help offset the cost of traveling to London for the upcoming Summer Olympics. The cards are a gift from Proctor & Gamble and part of the company’s “Thank You, Mom” campaign.

Ordinarily we send public relations emails to our “trash” folder, never to think of them again, but this gesture, no matter how transparent, is pretty cool.

The $1,000 payments are part of P&G’s big ad push; you know, the one with the commercial that has you trying not to cry while you’re watching the commercials on “American Idol.”

P&G will set up a private “home away from home” in London where athletes can relax with their families, brush their teeth with Crest and swap out Duracell batteries in their camcorders. Don’t try to bring in Neutrogena products, though. That could get you Tommie Smith’d from London.

Also, sorry dad. You’ve gotta pay your own way.

Source : Yahoo Sports


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