Emmanuel Olla Williams

Emmanuel Olla Williams, the Ghana Olympic Committee (GOC) Youth Coordinator has called on Ghanaians to be circumspect in dealing with the Commonwealth Games Scandal issues not to discourage the youth from participating in sports.

He said sports has many advantages for the nation and the citizens, so it must be taken very serious and the young ones should be motivated and inspired to perform for the nation.

According to Olla Williams who is popularly known for his exploits in sports organization in schools and colleges, Ghana did not excel at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, but there is still a bright future.

He named young athletes likr Hor Halute, Martha Bissah, Flings Owusu Agyapong, Sean Sarfo Antwi, Desmond Aryee, Ida Mensah and others as runners who can be trailed and trained to become world class performers.

He said there are boxers in Bukom and northern Ghana who can trained to stardom.

He expressed that a nation that never plans is bound to fail its citizens, and commended the Tokyo 2020 Committee that is aiming to win Ghana’s first gold at the Olympic Games.

“It may seem a great task, but every thing is possible if you work hard to achieve it” he stressed.

According to Olla Williams, it is good for people to engage in various sporting activities, as it creates opportunities in employment and hobbies for people, so that they do not engage in social vices.

He hinted that very he would be organizing traditional sports events like tug of war and others. He pleaded with the media to supports those who invest their funds, time and energies into sports.


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