st. thomas homecoming
st. thomas homecoming

Old Toms -old students of St. Thomas Aquinas are set to mark their biennial homecoming ceremony at the school premises in November.

This year’s homecoming anniversary dubbed: ”Made in Aquinas”, would see the ’Old Toms’, participate in a series of events including football, basketball and other camaraderie sporting activities.


Under the theme: “Reviving the spirit of veritas liberat and discipline”, this year’s celebrations would commence on November 16 with a Remembrance Day ceremony and climaxed on 22 November with the sporting activities and a thanksgiving service.

Bishop Gabriel Edoe Kumordji, an Old Tom, said it is important for all to be truthful and disciplined in all our endeavours adding ‘veritas liberat’ which connotes truthfulness is something we all live with.

The truth must be paramount in our endeavours in the society, he said, adding that when the truth is corrupted its affects the fiber of the society.

He urged past and current students to apply the principles of self-discipline in lives as it is the foundation of all successful endeavours.

Mr Paul Amoasi Baidoo, Headmaster of St. Thomas Aquinas, praised the alumni of the school for helping with various developmental projects adding that the school would provide the needed support to make this year’s homecoming a success.


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