Jomoro District Assembly

motorbikeThe motorbikes would enable the security personnel to patrol the campus to prevent the alarming vices engaged in by the slum dwellers of Sodom and Gomorrah, who have resettled on the premises.

From September 1 and October 11, there have been four reported murder cases on the school compound.

Mrs Gladys Manteaw, President of the 1989 Year Group made the presentation at the School’s 88th Annual Speech and Prize Giving ceremony on the theme: “”Championing Education, which is Nationalistic in Orientation.”

She said the group decided to donate the motorbikes because people are encroaching on the school property.

She said the motorbikes are part of the initial measures been put in place by the old students to address the problem of land encroachment.

Mrs Eunice Quarcoopome, the Executive Secretary, Old Achimotan Association, who received the motorbike commended the Year Group for their efforts to support the schools protect the school’s property.

She said additional security personnel would be recruited to complement the existing ones.

In her report at the ceremony, Mrs Beatrice Tsotso Adom, Headmistress of the school said “presently, there are so many churches all around the school compound.

He said a lot of squatters have occupied various portions and their presence is posing a great threat to staff and the student body”.

She said the school is still grappling with the problem of encroachment, leading to estate developers taken huge portions of the school land for private residence and business concerns.



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