Francis Ladzagla, the Victim
Francis Ladzagla, the Victim
Francis Ladzagla, the Victim
Francis Ladzagla, the Victim

A Pupil Teacher of the D/A Primary School at Dadome, a suburb of Mepe in the North Tongu District of the Volta Region , Mr. Francis Ladzagla has suffered the worst humiliation of his life in the hands of the grandmother of a pupil he teaches.

Mr Ladzagla was subjected to severe lashes on the buttocks by the grand mother for refusing to obey her instruction to cane the grand-child in her presence.

Narrating the incident to The Insight, Francis said his life has never been the same ever since he suffered those painful lashes.

He has sought medical and spiritual help to deal with an electrical pain he has felt since then but the pain persists.

According to him the pain is ?beyond medical cure because several tests have failed to show the cause.

He said the elders have appealed to the old woman to reverse any possible curse she might have placed on him.

The facts of the case are that, an old woman (name withheld) on 13th November, 2013 stormed the Dadome D/A Primary School with a cane in hand and pulled out a pupil believed to be her granddaughter from the classroom without permission.

Other pupils in the classroom and neighboring classes followed to witness the ensuing drama as the old woman dragged the child away.

The teachers including Francis intervened to control the pupils to return to their classrooms.

The old woman commanded the teacher to lash the child she was dragging away in her presence or face her anger.

When the teacher refused to lash the child, the old lady descended on the innocent teacher and whipped him mercilessly with the cane she was wielding on the buttock in public.

Francis Ladzagla has since been suffering from severe body pains and a sharp pain on the buttocks where he was lashed despite several medical and spiritual interventions.

The old lady was subsequently fined a ram, bottles of schhnapp and local gin by the elders of the community for unlawful entry and assault.

The items however according to the elders will only be accepted on condition that the victim regains full fitness.

Source: Christian Kpesese/The Insight


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