Although this sounds strange yet may be true. 
One of our favourite acts, Olamide Badoo has also joined the baby daddy’s club of Nigeria. 
According to NET’s investigation, Olamide, 
a few years back fathered a baby boy with his long-time girlfriend Adebukunmi Aisha Suleiman although they’re yet to get married.
Just like Olamide keeps singing about his new girlfriend as being the only one, he was said to have tagged Suleiman as the only woman in his life back then and he always posted her pictures and that of his son on Instagram.  
NET also discovered that Olamide is expecting his second child with same Suleiman very soon. 
Right after the enquiries, the rapper was said to have deleted every single picture of his girlfriend from his Instagram page,  These include the recent selfies he posted while on their trip in the UK in 2014. At the moment, Olamide hasn’t come out to either deny or accept the story as he and his manager refused to make any comment about it.
But may I ask Olamide these question; why did he dump Suleiman after be became famous and rich? And why is she the one he keeps impregnating while he keeps going on tour with his new girlfriend and spoiling her with gift s and cash?
And lastly, is Suleiman a fool; why did she agree to be his baby factory machine while he keeps gallivanting with another girl?
See photo of Olamide and Suleiman with their son in the photo.


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